Current imaging techniques. buy viagra There is a high probability that symptoms in patients with osteoarthritis (tonnis grade ii or iii, or joint space of less than 2 mm) or severe cartilage damage (outerbridge grade iv) will not improve following osteoplasty. viagra cost thailand These patients may require tha for progressing pain within 5 years. viagra side effects on eyes In large case series, arthroscopic treatment of fai in young to middle-age patients without osteoarthritis and showing mild to moderate cartilage damage results in 75% to 85% of patients improved. buy cheap viagra Smaller case series suggest that open treatment of fai in young to middle-age patients with moderate to severe cartilage damage results in 50% to 70% of patients improved. Non-union has been reported to occur in 27% of patients following the transection of the great trochanter with hip dislocation. costo viagra farmacia What cannot be ascertained from the literature: it is not known whether arthroscopic or open approaches result in better net health outcome when patients are matched for severity of fai morphology and articular cartilage damage. viagra samples It is not known which patients with fai morphology are most likely to progress to osteoarthritis. The progression of pincer impingement with damage initially restricted to the labrum may follow a different time course than cam-type impingement. It is not known whether treatment of fai will reduce the occurrence of osteoarthritis. generic viagra 50mg Based on 1) the intraoperatively established relationship between fai morphology and damage to the acetabulum, 2) the consistent improvement in symptoms reported in large prospective case series, and 3) the potential for continued and irreparable cartilage damage if fai pathology is not addressed, it may be considered medically necessary to debride the bone at the same time that the labrum and/or articular cartilage is being repaired when specific criteria are met. viagra pills This conclusion is supported by clinical input from physician specialty societies and academic medical centers. Because of the differing benefits and risks of open and arthroscopic approaches, patients should make an informed choice. viagra side effects on eyes The evidence is insufficient to permit conclusions concerning the effect. generic viagra overnight shipping generic viagra pharmacy  

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